gordon brennan

work in progress - gordon brennan


North pavilion
New library

Both pavilion and library are spaces for contemplation, simultaneously internal and external. In the library one is ensconced and surrounded by knowledge of the outside world, while in the pavilion one is partially within the outside world but intimately enclosed by four walls that suggest inward reflection.

The work consists of linear colour catalogues or samplers, created on wooden building blocks. Colours gathered from the house were displayed in the pavilion, while colours gathered from the pavilion and gardens were displayed in the library.

Our experience of colour is one of the building blocks of the way we perceive the world(s) we occupy.

Gordon Brennan's research interests revolve round ephemera, collections, and colour and is realised through Painting, Print and Artists’ Books. He has taught in all four Scottish Art Schools and is currently Director of Undergraduate Studies in The School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art. He is currently working on a joint research project with colleagues from Architecture and History of Art, researching the teaching of “Colour” across art colleges and universities as well as creating workshops in historical and contemporary pigments.

More info on Gordon can be found here.